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Julio Urias Will Pitch On 70-100 Innings During 2019 Season

“The people I’ve spoken to, and it seems realistic to believe, that after barely pitching 10 innings big-league innings last year between the regular season and World Series, he’s not going to have a major spike in innings this year. From what I’ve been told, the Dodgers and him are on the same page, and they’re targeting somewhere between 70 and 100 innings. The one thing that the Dodgers did with Walker Buehler last year, and the same thing moving (foward) with Julio is, they’re not going to box themselves into a distinct number.(David Vassegh said this on the “Petros and Money show.)

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Details of Dante Fowler Jr.’s contract make it look more reasonable

When the Rams first announced the details of Dante Fowler Jr’s contract, there some who thought the $14 million was to high Ramswire’s  Cameron Desilva.

The Rams original statement stated that he signed a one year $14 million contract. This is why many people thought the dollar figure was too high.  The new details break the dollar figure down to $12 million guarantee with $2 million in incentives.

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