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The Dodgers Should Go to a Six Man Rotation

Should the Dodgers go to a six man rotation?  Yes.   As noted by Daniel Preciado, Dodger  Nation, they have the depth to pull this is off.  Plus, a six man rotation would help cut down on injuries and give their pitchers the rest that they require buy not having them constantly on the mound.

You can see how Preciado shows ho the six man rotation will effect each player by clicking here.

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Will the Rams vs. Saints be the “rivalry” to watch in 2019?

The one “non-call” in the closing minutes of the 2018 NFC Championship game has annoited Rams vs Saints a rivalry.   I want  to stop here.  The one “non-call”?  There were more than one so called “non-call.”   There were two other “non-calls”  that should have gone against the Saints, but unlike Sean “Bounty-Gate’ Payton, Sean McVay did not go crying to the league.   He didn’t even go crying to league after the “non-call” on Brandon Cooks that prevented a touchdown pass in the Super Bowl.  He just moved on.


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