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Rams’ Wide Receiver Stedman Bailey In Critical Condition After Being Shot

AP is reporting that Stedman Bailey of the Rams is in critical condition after being shot.  The shooting took place in Miami Gardens, Florida.  Bailey was serving a four-game suspension at the time of the shooting.

Bailey had drafted by the Rams in 2013 along with  former West Virginia teammate Tavon Austin.

Bailey remains in critical condition but stable.  He has been in contact with the Rams.  No further details have been released.

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The LA Dodgers Have A New Skipper: Dave Roberts

ESPN is reporting that the LA Dodgers announced they hired Dave Roberts as Don Mattingly’s replacement on Monday.  He will become the teams’ first minority for their manager. Roberts’s father is African-American while his mother is Japanese.

Dave Robers had this to say about his hiring.

 “It’s hard for me to put into words what it means to be named manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers,” Roberts said in a statement. “This is truly the opportunity of a lifetime. The Dodgers are the ground-breaking franchise of Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella, Sandy Koufax, Maury Wills, Fernando Valenzuela and Hideo Nomo. When I put on this uniform as a player, I understood the special responsibility to honor those that played before me as well as the amazing bond between the Dodgers and their fans. I feel that I have now come full circle in my career and there is plenty of unfinished business left in L.A.”

The Dodgers will introduce Dave Roberts to the press on Dec 1st.

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PAC 12 Playoff Possibilities For The Victor USC UCLA Matchup

The USC Trojans have a chance to return to Rose Ball after being denied for seven years.  To get there, they must go through their cross-town rivals the UCLA Bruins this Saturn at the Coliseum.

Even though both teams are tied at 5-3 in conference games, the Bruins(8-3) lead the Trojans(7-4) by a game in total play.  Hit this link for more of the story.  

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Why The Rams Kept Case Keenum On The Field After His Head Bounce Off The Turf?

There always has to be someone that has to sound ugly after a terrible accident.  Well, I have chosen to be that someone.  While others make their politically correct responses, I will tell you my not so politically correct response, as to why the Rams left Case Keenum in the game, but first, let set the scene.

We all know that they had two quarterbacks suited for the game. They would be Case Keenum the starter, and Nick Foles his backup.  They listed Sean Mannion, third string backup QB, inactive.

So they go to Baltimore with just two quarterbacks. One of those quarterbacks just happened to have been benched earlier in the week, Foles.  Move forward towards the end of the game where Keenum takes a nasty shot.

As Keenum laid on the turf holding head, one has to imagine the panic that overtook Fisher and his staff.   What do I now? raced through his mind.  Do I have to go with the other dufus that I just benched?

He sent his head trainer out on to the field who returned with the good news that Keenum said that he felt okay.  Fisher felt relieved by not having to send in Foles, as well as no one else was the wiser of what just happen.

But as Karma would have its way because that ignored concussion could have just cost the Rams the game.  Keenum’s last fumble could have been the after effects of his hitting the turf.   Watch the video of the hit and see him wobble as he gets up.

I don’t if what I just written about  why Fisher left Keenum is true. Don’t lie though because you probably thought that same thing when you first heard the news of Keenum’s


Christmas Vacation

I figured I share this video from Christmas Vacation to cheer us up this Monday Morning. Over the weekend, someone shared this video and other videos showing Eddie and Clark on Facebook which inspired me to share my favorite video from Christmas Vacation.  This is the classic part of the movie  where Clark ask Eddie if he could leave Eddie in the middle of nowhere  for dead.  Not showing no emotion, he tells Clark no he is just fine. What Clark had just said goes right over Eddie’s head. Enjoy the video before proceeding because what follows will not have youChristmas Vacation laughing.

The Ravens kicking the game winning field goal

Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is repeating something over and over again, and expecting different results. I open this post this way because this is what fits the Rams’ season.

The Rams keep on doing the same thing. but with different players.  For instance, the part of game manager was played by Case Keenum in place of Nick Foles.  The change to Keenum did not have the major impact that Fisher had hoped.

Yesterday as I watched the game, I hope for something that I could justify Keenum over Foles. Yet, to my dismay I found nothing.  The offense looked no better under Keenum’s leadership then under Foles. If the change of game manager had no effect on the outcome of the game then there has to be another weak area in the offensive link. We could place the blame on the offensive line injuries. maybe the drop balls, or the mistakes.

I chose the later because it the mistakes that cost the game.  You cannot blame the players alone for the mistakes because they have a very willing accomplice, their coaches.  I hate to using cliches, so but I have to this cliche when writing about the Rams’ mistakes.  A sign of a well-coached team is a well-disciplined team. The Rams showed that they are not a well-coached team because the mistakes they made.

If the Rams want to salvage their season, then correct the mistakes instead of changing players.