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What If Rams’ John Wolford Has a Super Game Against The Cardinals?

What if John Wolford has a super game against the Cardinals, do we go with him over a heathy Jared Goff in the Playoffs? A poster on a Rams Facebook page asked. He use the parameters of 300 yards passing, two or three TD’s and third one that I forgot to describe a super game.

Before I continue, let me share, how I feel about, “What If Questions.” There are no right or wrong answers to such question because the event in question has not happened. Because the event has not happened, all answers are speculation. Now, let me continue.

What if Wolford has a super game against the Cardinals, do bench Goff in favor of Wolford. That his super game is not just in the numbers, but also a win. You need the win to ensure a playoff spot. Without the win, this, “what if question,” becomes mute, but a good ponder for next season. Next what are my parameters for his super game?

I would 325 passing yards, 3 or 4 TD’s, and maybe one rushing TD from him. I would like a turnover free game with good time management. Good reaction under pressure from the pass rush. I would like to see him mobile and good eye for were he is on the field, eye on the line scrimmage and first down marker. Good leadership qualities overall. A tall order, but this would help me make a decision.

I would bench Goff if the last two losses and some of the mistake played heavy on my mind. Wolford’s performance would temp me very strongly even though this would be one game. But, if was McVay, and saw Wolford master master my offensive schemes, I would have to move on from Goff. McVay had no say in drafting Goff and there for no allegiance to him. Wolford was McVay choice and he may his way. Plus, had to publicly call out Goff’s more performance.