I Am Not The Only One To See A Rams’ Quarterback Controversy Brewing

2015 Rams Quarterbacks during drills 

The other day I wrote about how Sean Mannion and Case Keenum looked better than Nick Foles in the Rams and Titans’ preseason game.  I also did make the suggestion that maybe the Rams should put Keenum into this Saturday’s game against  the Colts.  I would this just to see how he perform with the starters.

Well, just after I made that in my article, I a came across an article written by Curt Popejoy in Fansided. The title of this article suggests that the Rams could have a quarterback controversy brewing between Foles, Keenum, and Mannion.  He draws this conclusion from the three quarterbacks’ performances during the past two preseason games. He also points out as I do that Foles does not look good so far as compare too Mannion and Keenum.

Unlike my suggestion to try Keenum with the starters, he suggests the possibility that a move could be made if Foles looks disastrous after their first three games.

Either course whether now or later if a quarterback change should get made, Les Snead and Kevin Demoff will be asked to explain why they gave Foles that two year extension only to have him sitting on the bench.

Yet, to save face, I would bet that they will keep Foles as starter and hope that over time he works out all his wrinkles.

I could see them choose to  blame his poor performance on a poor running game or poor defence which meant that he had to throw more then they would have like. Yet, that excuse should countered with if he is quarterback, shouldn’t you expect him to throw the ball more than you would like? .

Some quarterback controversies are easier to solve then others, while this possible quarterback controversy falls into the later.  Look the Rams took a gamble on Foles by giving him that extension and I know why because they were looking for him to fill the roll of game manager in game plan that relied mostly on the running game. They believed that his past skills of two years ago would be good enough for him to fulfill that role.  Well, so far it looks like they guessed wrong.