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Fitzpatrick NJ Home for Rent: Could This Mean That The Jets Could Come Knocking On The Rams’ Door?

Normally, I would have let this story go by, because it has nothing to do with the Rams. Yet, taken the Rams will have to move their quarterback Nick Foles, well could mean something.

The Daily News’ Mike Matvey has this story.  He writes that apparently Jets’ quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has his house for rent. How does this affect the Rams?  Well, I wrote a couple of posts concerning the stalemate in negotiations between free agent Fitzpatrick and the Jets, and judging from the for rent sign, the Jets maybe in need of a quarterback and a team willing to move one.

As of right now, the Rams need to either cut or trade Foles while the Jets need a quarterback. We will have to watch for any rumors concerning the Rams and Jets talking.

You can read Mike  Matvey’s whole story by clicking here.

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Rumors Have That Rams Quarterback Could be Going to Either the Forty-Niners of the Cardinals

Last week I wrote about Nick Foles’ soon not to be future with the Rams. Well today, I came across an Inquisitr article that claims he could be traded.  According to the article the Forty-Niners or the Cardinals could be possible landing spots.  The article did also mention the Jets if there is no settlement in their stalemate with Ryan Fitzpatrick.

While I have no problem with the Rams and Foles parting ways, I do have some concerns with them just cutting him and not having control of his landing spot.  I don’t like seeing him picked up by one of their divisional opponents so that he comes back to hurt the Rams twice a season. This could be the replay of when Kurt Warner after he went to the Cardinals where for five years he went a total of 8-2 over the Rams.  No, I do not want to go down that road again.

Yet, if he did go to a division rival. let it be the Cardinals. There he would be playing behind starter Carson Palmer and backup Drew Stanton, and most likely never set foot on the field.  Where if he goes to the Niners, he could end up as a starting under his former coach Chip Kelly.

Yet, if the Rams are looking for a trade, they could look in the direction of the Jets.  It may not come to fruition, but if the Jets and Fitzpatrick do not break their stalemate, a trade could be possible.  I do not think that Jets are ready to through their season on the back of Geno Smith. Or, they can wait for the start of training camp because teams will be looking for a quarterback.

Whether it is by trade or cut, Nick Foles will not with the Rams at the start of the season.

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The Rams and Nick Foles are on the same page: He’s a Dead Man Walking

Remember back in the winter of  2015 when the Rams and the Eagles swapped their starting? The often injured Sam Bradford went to the Eagles and the Rams received Nick Foles in return.  There was aRams quarterback Nick Foles by

honeymoon period between the Rams and their newly acquired quarterback.  He impressed him so much that they gave him a contract extension.    Well, honeymoons do end and their realities of the marriages begin to take over and you the person that you married has been taken over by some monstrous beast.

The regular season left the Rams in that same predicament. They thought they had a superstar. Someone, who would breathe new life into their almost dead offense.  Instead, Foles turned out to be so bad that they pulled him late in and replaced with Case Keenum.  Unfortunately, they pulled him to late in the season to even be able to try salvage it and at least end up and have their first winning season since the early 2000’s.

This all took place back in St Louis, but now, that they are in Los Angles things there seems that the marriage between the Rams and Foles seem to be ending.  Right now, I would call this a separation before their divorce. Foles has been avoiding the voluntary OTAs.  Why has he been avoiding them?

Because the Rams have found a new interest in younger quarterback named Jared Goff.  Yes, Foles has been replaced.

Let me add that it is not only Goff that seems to be pushing out of the Rams’ home but also another quarterback named Dylan Thompson.  He signed with the forty-niners last year as an undrafted free agent to their practice squad.  They released him last month. Thompson could find a spot on this team should the Rams cut or trade Foles.

At this point, a divorce looks to be on the horizon, and Foles is helping to become a reality by avoiding OTAs.

I would like to share what head coach Jeff Fisher has to say about Foles avoiding OTAs.

“We’re on the same page and trying to work things out.” Said Fisher after the team’s workout. “That’s all I can say…”  He adds “We talked again,” Fisher said. “I think Nick has the feeling that if things stay the same, he’s probably not going to be on the roster.” Josh Webb’s article at the LA Rams Report.   Here is link to that article.

Fisher does also mention that the OTAs are voluntary and they have three quarterbacks to give reps. Fisher’s comment about Foles not  making the roster fits nicely with his comment about them on the same page when you think about it.  The Rams want Foles gone and he knows that they want him gone.  I say they are pretty much on the same page.

Though I must be honest with you, I think the decision that the marriage between the Rams and Foles had been over since the end of last year. He showed them that he could  not be trusted that is to run their offense.  What makes me think so? Recalled that Rams’ GM Les Snead declared that Case Keenum would be the starting quarterback and not the incumbent Nick Foles.  Even though this would be later walked back to going into preseason, it shows that there had been a discussion and decision made that Keenum had been chosen over Foles.  Then the persistent pre-draft trade rumors involving Foles.  Again even though they never materialized, the team never denied them nor was there no reassurance to Foles that he was still welcomed.

Yes, there is enough evidence that the marriage between the Rams and Foles will be ending in a divorce anytime now. The Rams have four quarterbacks now in OTAs and it is pretty crowded.  Now if you add a fifth quarterback, it will be over crowded.  Someone will be gone before camp and that person will be Foles and he knows that he will be the one gone from the team because he already admitted it. So, sometime between now and training camp he will be gone either by trade or cut.  As for the  money the Rams owe him well is another topic for another post.

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Why The Rams Kept Case Keenum On The Field After His Head Bounce Off The Turf?

There always has to be someone that has to sound ugly after a terrible accident.  Well, I have chosen to be that someone.  While others make their politically correct responses, I will tell you my not so politically correct response, as to why the Rams left Case Keenum in the game, but first, let set the scene.

We all know that they had two quarterbacks suited for the game. They would be Case Keenum the starter, and Nick Foles his backup.  They listed Sean Mannion, third string backup QB, inactive.

So they go to Baltimore with just two quarterbacks. One of those quarterbacks just happened to have been benched earlier in the week, Foles.  Move forward towards the end of the game where Keenum takes a nasty shot.

As Keenum laid on the turf holding head, one has to imagine the panic that overtook Fisher and his staff.   What do I now? raced through his mind.  Do I have to go with the other dufus that I just benched?

He sent his head trainer out on to the field who returned with the good news that Keenum said that he felt okay.  Fisher felt relieved by not having to send in Foles, as well as no one else was the wiser of what just happen.

But as Karma would have its way because that ignored concussion could have just cost the Rams the game.  Keenum’s last fumble could have been the after effects of his hitting the turf.   Watch the video of the hit and see him wobble as he gets up.

I don’t if what I just written about  why Fisher left Keenum is true. Don’t lie though because you probably thought that same thing when you first heard the news of Keenum’s

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Monday’s Morning Call For 10/05/15

NFC’s Western Division Scores

St Louis: 24                                  San Francisco: 3                                        Seattle:

Arizona:  22                                  Green Bay:    17                                        Detroit:

NFC’s Western Standings        W    L   T     Prec.     Streak

Arizona Cardinals                        3      1    0      .750      1L


St Louis Rams                             2      2    0      .500      1W


Seattle Seahawks                         1       2    0      .333      1W


San Francisco 49ers                     1       3    0      .250      3L

The Rams’ Defence Stimies The Cardinals 

Rams Corner E.J. Gaines
breaks up pass intended
for Cardinals John Brown.

The Rams ended the Cardinals’ undefeated streak in Arizona, yesterday with 24-22 victory.  While the the Rams offense showed flashes of brilliance behind rookie running back Todd Gurley and receiver Tevon Austin, it was the defense that commanded the day by shutting down the Cardinals red zone offense.

The Rams defense forced the Cardinals to settle for five field goals while in the red zone.  The Cardinals only touchdown came late in the fourth quarter. It was 23 yard pass from Palmer to Johnson.  This pass would be the one and only the ball would cross the goal line for the Cardinals other than by way kicking.

The Rams’s defense held the Cardinals to 113 yards rushing, but allowed 334 yards passing. They sacked Palmer 4 times for a loss of  18 yards.  The defense also forced 2 fumbles and recovered one.

Jenkins also intercepted one of Palmer’s’ passes.

On the other side of the ball, Foles completed 16 of his 24 passes for 171 yards and threw 3 touchdown passes.  He had no interceptions, but was sacked once for a seven yard loss.

Gurley rushed for 146 yards the longest run was 52 yards, and Austin rushed for 20 yards and his longest was 12.

Austin had 6 receptions for 96 yards and 2 touchdowns.  His longest was 47 yards.

While the Rams showed some life yesterday, the big question, will they show that same life or more life next Sunday against the Packers?  We must keep in mind that the Rams’ two wins have been against division opponents while their two losses have been to teams outside their division.  So next week’s game against the Packers will be very important one in order to see if they have really turned the corner because this one will be against a team outside of the division.

NL Western Division Scores 

LA Dodgers: 6                          Arizona Diamondbacks: 5                  Colorado Rockies: 7

SD Padres:    3                          Houston Astros;              3                  SF Giants:              3

NL Western Division Standings     W     L     PCT    GB

Los Angeles Dodgers                         92    70   .568       0


San Francisco Giants                          84    78    .519       8


Arizona Diamondbacks                      79    83    .488      13


San Diego Padres                                68    48    .420      24


The Dodgers Finished Their Season With A 6-3 Win Over The Padres 

Attribute To Dodgers’ pitcher Clayton Kershaw. He threw 300
strikeouts this season.

The Dodgers ended their season on high note with a victory over the Padres. So they go into the postseason, feeling good about themselves.   They swept their final series from the Padres with three wins. They open up their post season with home field advantage in their series against the Mets. Yes life looks good for the Dodgers.

You know a couple of weeks ago it looked like they would have a melt down, and I was really worried going into their series with the Giants.  But you know now that is all in past. We must now look to the playoffs and hopefully a deep run in the playoffs.

I know that this postseason could bring a lot painful changes, but for now lets not be concerned about those changes and enjoy the Dodgers’ run in the playoffs.


Should The Rams’ Fans Start Panicking After Yesterday’s Loss To Washington?

As the game clock tick its final moments away while Kousins and Washington celebrated their victory over the Rams, those knee jerk reactions took over my emotions. Even though this was one loss, I felt something drastic had to be done to save the season, but which knee jerk reaction would turn this Rams team away from another season of self destruction?

My first knee jerk reaction was to pull QB Nick Foles from the starting position.  It did not matter that he had completed half of the passes that he had thrown or that he had thrown a TD, yet I wanted him replaced with Keenan.

The kicker here is that all I know about Keenan is that he had a good preseason against second team players.  I never saw him play against starting players, so how do I know how well he would play?  For all I know, he’d probably throw not one interception, but two.  All that did not stop me from wanting Fisher to do the unrealistic and put Keenan in the game just do something.

Just do to something.  Do you know how that sounds or better yet, vague?  But, it did not stop me from wanting Foles replaced with Keenan, and it did end there.  I wanted Frank Cignetti and Gregg Williams fired for I thought was terrible play calling. Like I would know what terrible play calling even looks like, yet just to do something, I wanted both fired.

Though, I must confess that I have my doubts about Williams’ defensive coaching abilities. I just can’t wash, “Bountygate” and his suspension for it from my mind, but that is for another post.

You ever notice how after good night sleep, all your problems or thought were problems disappear or look different?  This is when your are glad that you did not embarrass yourself on social media by posting your knee jerk reactions.   Well for me this is one of those times that I am glad to have kept my knee jerk reactions to myself.

So to answer the question, should we panic? My answer would be no for now. and for two reasons. This first answer would be the young offensive line which did not help Cignetti do what he wanted to do by not blocking, plain and simple.  For the second reason, what would you expect would happen when you have the Rams’ 23rd ranked running defense going up against Washington’s run heavy offense? It would collapse and for Williams, I will not let him off that easy.  Its his job to make sure it does not collapse.


Will Nick Foles Go Down The Path Of Other Former Eagle Quarterbacks?

While writing the post that asked the who would have a better year, Sam Bradford or Nick Foles, I started to wonder if Foles would go down the road as Kolb, McNabb, and Vick. So I decided to revisted these former Eagles quarterback to see where they are now.

I want to start with Kevin Kolb who would replace McNabb as the starting quarterback in 2010.

Kolbe was drafted by the Eagles in 2007 in the second round.  He rushed three times in a regular season game Detroit that year.  In 2009, he started two games when starter Donovan  McNabb went down.  His starting role would last one year before be traded to the Arizona Cardinals. He remained with the Cardinals for two years before being release in early 2013. He signed with the Buffalo Bills, but he ended up on injure reserve after suffering a concussion during a preseason game against Washington. During the off season of 2014 he retired after being released by the Bills. Post-Concussion symptoms was the reason for his retirement.

Next up we have Donovan McNabb.

McNabb was drafted in the first round by the Eagles.  Under McNabb, the Eagles won the NFC east four times, five NFC championships, and loss their only Super Bowl appearance 2005.  In 2010, he would be traded to Washington after 11 seasons as an Eagle.  McNabb would then be traded in July of 2011 to the Vikings only to granted a release in December 2011.  He officially retired as an Eagle in July 2013.

Last we have the controversial Michael Vick.

Vick was the first pick of the 2001 draft by the Falcons.  He would remain with the Falcons until 2007 when was released after pleading guilty for his involvement in dog fighting.  After 21 months in prison, he would be reinstated in the NFL with the Eagles in 2009.  In 2013, he would sign with the Jets, and in 2015 he signed with the Steelers.  As of this writer he is still a Steeler.

So out of the three former Eagles quarterbacks only Michael Vick is still playing, but has changed teams twice since leaving the Eagles.  The other two have retired. All three quarterbacks have played together in 2009, and Andy Reid coached all three.

With a track record of one out three former quarterbacks still playing in the NFL, which path do you  think former Eagles’ quarterback follow?

The Rams quarterback is Foles to lose.  Just because he is a former Eagle that does not mean he won’t remain a Ram as long as he choses.


Will Nick Foles Or Sam Bradford Have The Better Year?

Nick Foles                                         Sam Bradford

Maybe now is not the time to ask this question, but I want to ask it anyway. Who do you think will have the better year, Nick Foles or Sam Bradford?

Right now, after three preseason games, the answer would obviously be Bradford. After two games he has a quarterback rating of 149.6.  He has completed 13 of out 15 attempts for 156 yards, and has thrown 3 TDs.(stats provided by

Foles on the other has achieved a rating of 95.4 after starting in three games.  He has completed 16 of 23 passes. He threw one TD and one INT with three sacks. (  Out of his three starts, his last one against the Colts was his best.

Even though Bradford looks like he could have the better season right now, this could change for Bradford during the regular season by either poor performance or injury.  Keep in mind that he has been prone to injuries in the past.

Yet on the other hand he could have good year because he is finally in the Spread Offense.  He played in this offense at Oklahoma.

I pondered what kind of argument could you make for Foles, but I cannot honestly make one.  Given the fact that it would not be fair to put these two quarterbacks to a head to head comparison even during the season.

For the obvious reason that they play in two different offensive systems with two different demands placed on each.

Now if you asked which quarterback has the most responsibility placed on him then I would have to say Bradford because he will be required to pass  the ball more than Foles who will be handing the ball off more.

With that being said, I would have to say that Bradford has the potential for a breakout because he has a better offense around him as compared to Foles’ Rams’ offense.  Their offense line is still questionable.  A starting has not been decided upon, and the heart of the running game, Mason and Gurley are questionable for the start of the season.


I Am Not The Only One To See A Rams’ Quarterback Controversy Brewing

2015 Rams Quarterbacks during drills 

The other day I wrote about how Sean Mannion and Case Keenum looked better than Nick Foles in the Rams and Titans’ preseason game.  I also did make the suggestion that maybe the Rams should put Keenum into this Saturday’s game against  the Colts.  I would this just to see how he perform with the starters.

Well, just after I made that in my article, I a came across an article written by Curt Popejoy in Fansided. The title of this article suggests that the Rams could have a quarterback controversy brewing between Foles, Keenum, and Mannion.  He draws this conclusion from the three quarterbacks’ performances during the past two preseason games. He also points out as I do that Foles does not look good so far as compare too Mannion and Keenum.

Unlike my suggestion to try Keenum with the starters, he suggests the possibility that a move could be made if Foles looks disastrous after their first three games.

Either course whether now or later if a quarterback change should get made, Les Snead and Kevin Demoff will be asked to explain why they gave Foles that two year extension only to have him sitting on the bench.

Yet, to save face, I would bet that they will keep Foles as starter and hope that over time he works out all his wrinkles.

I could see them choose to  blame his poor performance on a poor running game or poor defence which meant that he had to throw more then they would have like. Yet, that excuse should countered with if he is quarterback, shouldn’t you expect him to throw the ball more than you would like? .

Some quarterback controversies are easier to solve then others, while this possible quarterback controversy falls into the later.  Look the Rams took a gamble on Foles by giving him that extension and I know why because they were looking for him to fill the roll of game manager in game plan that relied mostly on the running game. They believed that his past skills of two years ago would be good enough for him to fulfill that role.  Well, so far it looks like they guessed wrong.