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Fitzpatrick NJ Home for Rent: Could This Mean That The Jets Could Come Knocking On The Rams’ Door?

Normally, I would have let this story go by, because it has nothing to do with the Rams. Yet, taken the Rams will have to move their quarterback Nick Foles, well could mean something.

The Daily News’ Mike Matvey has this story.  He writes that apparently Jets’ quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has his house for rent. How does this affect the Rams?  Well, I wrote a couple of posts concerning the stalemate in negotiations between free agent Fitzpatrick and the Jets, and judging from the for rent sign, the Jets maybe in need of a quarterback and a team willing to move one.

As of right now, the Rams need to either cut or trade Foles while the Jets need a quarterback. We will have to watch for any rumors concerning the Rams and Jets talking.

You can read Mike  Matvey’s whole story by clicking here.

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Are the Los Angeles Rams Really Interested in The Texans’ Brian Hoyer or is There More?

I became very aggravated after reading a post that I received from Brandon Bates of Turf Show Times.  Click here for the link to that post.  Well according to Rams Wire, the Rams may be interested in the Houston Texans’ journeyman quarterback Brian Hoyer. Let’s be accurate when we describe Hoyer because he is journeymen. This man has taken his nonexistent act of playing quarterback to five teams in seven years.  This man has worn is welcome out as Felix Unger.  That last remark is for those who remember the sitcom “The Odd Couple.”

My last remark also describes his current situation with the Texans as per Ian Rapoport. (the following remarks made Rapoport does not come from the Turf Show Times post.  It comes from this Roto World link.)

 Per Rapsheet, “both sides sound OK with a fresh start.” The Texans have tried to claim this wasn’t the case, but it’s been the obvious endgame since they lavished $72 million on Brock Osweiler. Due $5.25 million in the final year of his contract, Hoyer can likely be acquired for a day-three draft pick. His status may not be resolved until Ryan Fitzpatrick and Colin Kaepernick know their 2016 fates. Mar 29 – 7:11 PM

Anybody can have Hoyer for third round pick, so whether it is the Rams or whoever wants him for a third round pick. If you read the first link I gave, the post mentioned this tweet.

Had heard a whisper the #Rams might look in this direction.#Jets & #Broncos names will get thrown out there, too. 

The Jets also have an interest in Hoyer in case their already arduous negotiations with Ryan Fitzpatrick implode. Also, a trade or force retirement will be the way to settle the Colin Kaepernick situation, and from my point of view, a trade won’t happen.  The Forty-Niners’ owner will want your first born for Kaepernick thus taking him out of the picture.

Now only Ryan Fitzpatrick stands in the way of moving Hoyer.  Fitzpatrick and the Jets are at an impasse. How do you break this impasse? By forcing Fitzpatrick back to the table by using Hoyer.

In theory, this plan should work for the Jets, but this is not theory.  Not only do the Jets want Hoyer, but  also the Broncos who lost Osweiler to the Texans. So now, the Jets are in bidding war with the Broncos while also trying to break the stalled negotiations with Fitzpatrick.

Now, this how the Rams fit. If you look at the wording of Albright’s tweet.  He mentioned that the Rams might be interested in Hoyer.  He did not tweet they were interested.  Also, Albright is a Denver-based radio host, so where do you think his allegiance will fall.  Also, the Rams’ owner Stan Kroenke and the Broncos’ owner Pat Bowlen are friends.  And, the twist to this is that Albright who tweeted the rumor is known to have the Rams pegged in the past.  This makes him the perfect delivery person to float this rumor.

So, I think the Rams’ interest in Hoyer is to heighten the bidding war to drive the Jets away Hoyer.

Of course , this is just my theory and I could be wrong and there is truth to this rumor then I have some advice for the Rams. Keep their pick for the draft and not waste it on Hoyer.  Any trading of picks that I want to see is for the purpose of drafting a quarterback.

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My NFL Picks For Week 3

Here are picks for week three in the NFL.  I have made picks for the Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night games.  Since this is a west coast blog, I have made my picks for the NFC Western Division games.  Then I threw in one game that I thought interesting. So here we go.

In last night’s matchup between the Giants and the Redskins, I had the Giants who beat Washington 32-21.  I have to  admit that I reluctantly pick the Giants.  I was not sure they would be able to over power Washington’s defense that looked really impressive in their game against the  Rams. But, I picked the Giants anyway because I had to admit that the Rams’ offensive line  made Washington look good, and I walked away with a win.

The Sunday and Monday night games were pretty easy to pick for me.   In the Sunday Night game, I took the Broncos over the Lions, and in Monday Night game, I went with the Packers over the Chiefs.

The NFC West Division Picks

Even though I like the Rams, I went with the Steelers’ defense to handle the Rams’ struggling offensive line. I am not that optimistic that Gurley’s will have much of impact in this game for the Rams, as much highly prophesied.  Do not forget that he has not played in a NFL game, so far this season, so we do not  know what to expect from him.  Also for me, the jury is still out in Nick Foles.   So at the end of this game, I expect the Rams to have another loss.

This will be the NFC West’s first interdivision game. It pits the Cardinals against the 49ers. I like Carson Palmer much better than Colin Kaepernick in this game, so I am going with the Cardinals.

In this next game, unfortunately I have to go with the Seahawks to get their first win over the Bears who have their problems.  Also, a Seahawks’ loss could mean there could be a new western division leader this year.

The game of interest:

This game is a rather interesting game because it has the Jets(2-0) up against the Eagles(0-2).  So far, the Jets have surprised me. Who would have thought that they would win their their first two games  .

But, the Eagle have me perplex.  I anticipated a much more solid performance in their first two games. I expected flawless play from Sam Bradford, but his performance has left me rather disappointed.  He has thrown four interceptions, so far.

So, who did I choose? I picked the Eagles for two reasons. First, I trust Kelly will make the adjustments needed to produce the Eagles first win. Second, I do believe that the Jets will produce a third win.  I believe the Jets are good, but not better than the Eagles.

This is my picks for week three. Some of the picks were straightforward while others were made grudgingly. I do hope I am wrong about the Seahawks because being a Rams fan, I would like to see them dethrone as NFC West Champions.  While, I hope that I am surprised by a Rams win.  I guess I’ll have to wait for Sunday evening to find out.