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Damn if You Do, Damn if You Don’t; the Plight of Fisher and Snead

The Los Angeles Rams traded all their 2016 draft picks to get the Tennesse Titans’ coveted first pick. While we all should be happy and full of hope, but the opposite has happened.

This Titans’  coveted pick cost the Rams their four picks in 2016 draft and their first and third in 2017.

With the first pick, the Rams most likely be picking a quarterback which should make the people who want a franchise quarterback happy but alas.   These people just found another reason to tear into Jeff Fisher and Les Snead.

While they have a point of contention, here with the cost of losing draft picks, but how else do expect to get a franchise quarterback?  Do they expect one to just pop up of the air by magic?

No, the reality is that it cost to have a shot a franchise quarterback, but this just somehow escapes them.

For, I don’t know how many times, I have heard the cries for a franchise quarterback, and now I hear complaints about the cost of getting one.

It is not just the cost, but they are now complaining about whether these the quarterbacks in this draft are worth the cost. Is any player worth what they cost to obtain them? In a trade or a draft, you are taking a risk. The risk is what you take to improve your team.

So, as far as I am concern these people just want to complain period.

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Bradford Forget Being Traded

Yes, you have heard it right! Quarterback Sam Bradford wants the Eagles to trade him. Wait a minute, didn’t the Eagles give him a $16  million dollar per year for a possible two-year contract? Didn’t they come out and say that he would be their starting quarterback right after their trade for the Browns number 2 pick the draft?

I know that the Rams made promises to him last year before trading him to the Eagles and I can understand that there could be some mistrust in promises being made.  Yet, you have to look at the fact that the Eagles made a commitment to Bradford for at least two years.  The Rams made no such commitment to him before trading him.  So, there is no reason to use mistrust as a reason for a trade.

Just because the Eagles draft a quarterback this year, it does not mean that this quarterback will start this nor the next which means that Bradford will have his starting role for possibly two years.  Also, there is no guarantee that this draft will ever start.

So, my suggestion for Sam is shut up and report to mini-camp.   Act like you never mentioned any trade and hope that the Eagles forget your momentary lapse of good judgment.

While I may hope the Eagles would forgive him, I believe that Bradford had put a knife in the Eagles back and sometime in the future the Eagles will repay him in kind once Wentz or whoever they picked becomes ready to start. So Sam, take the time the Eagles give you to sharpen your image as a starting quarterback because you will be out in the open market in a year or two.

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Will the Dodgers’ Rotation Get Lucky Against the Giants too?

Do not use the Padres’ series as a standard to judge how well the Dodgers starting rotation will do against the Giants their next opponent.  Rather think of it as an anomaly.  An anomaly that may not repeat itself.

R.J, Anderson of CBS Sports posted a very interesting article (link to article) regarding the Dodgers’ rotation after their surprising performance against Padres which puts everything into the proper perspective,  In the article he points to the Padres’ hitting debacle for the reason their rotation success.  You see during the series, the Padres did not change their lineup even though  it did not produce any runs. A change in the lineup could have a least produce some runs if not a win.

This Lineup debacle could  be the reason that Kazmir won on Tuesday as Aderson put it, We will see how really good he pitches when he faces the Giants on Sunday. So far after their first three games, the Giants rank fourth and have combined total of 17 runs and 28 hits after 103 at bats they have an average of .272.  This is far better than the Padres who are ranked at 15 with 0 runs 11 hits and batting average of .120 and he faced on Tuesday.

The Dodgers have another suspect pitcher Alex Wood  who will be tonight’s starter. He still has to prove that he can win a game. He lost three of his five starts while not garnering a win during spring training.

Their fifth starter Ross Stripling will start against the Giants on Friday which will be his first pro start.  While I would not consider suspect, it would be because I do not have enough information about him to consider him suspect.

So let me break it down this way.  The Dodgers are going into San Fransico with a suspect rotation that got lucky in San Diago,  This rotation who has one known dependable pitcher, Kershaw.  While I like Maeda and I know more about what Kershaw could do. Kazmir and Woods, you know what they can do thus leaving you with an unfavorable impression. Stripling has shown some promise, but there is not enough to be comfortable with him.

Will this be enough to pull off victories?  I only know that the Kershaw pitches will be a winner.


This is for Those Wonder Where Former USC Trojan Cody Kessler Stands in the 2016 NFL Draft — thewestcoastsportsblog

What are Cody Kessler’s chances of being taken in this year’s draft? To start with he is not on the Rams’ radar and for that matter there are no rumors of him being on other team’s radar either. If you really care, you may ask why is that? The is the answer is short and simple. […]

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This is for Those Wonder Where Former USC Trojan Cody Kessler Stands in the 2016 NFL Draft

What are Cody Kessler’s chances of being taken in this year’s draft? To start with he is not on the Rams’ radar and for that matter there are no rumors of him being on other team’s radar either.  If you really care, you may ask why is that?  The is the answer is short and simple.

After you enter Cody Kessler for a Google search, you will get a few articles regarding his draft prospects.  All the articles say this same thing.

Kessler has the mental ability but lacks the physical abilities.  They also said that he lacks the arm strength to throw the ball deep downfield.

So he has no problem reading and putting the ball where it’s suppose to be as long as not in a deep place.  This is not too promising, but not enough to keep off someone’s  roster.  If the team had the time and patience he might be a good work in progress.

As, for what round he would  be drafted   He definitely would not be not a higher round pick, but somewhere in the lower rounds probably the sixth or seventh round.  If he does not get picked, some team will sign as undrafted free agent.

So, he will be picked up by some team, and we will not hear about him again unless there is some Tom Brady like a miracle.

Here are the links where can read more about Cody Kessler’s chances in the draft.

Roto World has him a later round pick.

Gang-Green’s scouting report.

CBS Sports scouting report

NFL.Com-Kessler’s draft file

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Meet the Three Starting Pitchers for the Dodgers Opening Series with the Padres

The Dodgers open up their season with a three series in sunny and warm San Diego and I would like to introduce you the Dodgers’ starting pitchers for the three-game series.  The dependable Clayton Kershaw will  be starting  in today’s game.  He will be followed by new acquired Scott Kazmir tomorrow, and also, newly acquired Kenta Maeda on Tuesday.

Kershaw finished spring training 2 wins  and 0 losses in six games. He allowed 23 hits in the 23 innings that he pitched.  He allowed just 5 runs.  He finished with 1.96 ERA.  Yes, he looks ready for today’s game.

While I have no concerns about Kershaw in today’s game, I do worry about tomorrow’s starting pitcher, Scott Kazmir.  Maybe that is because I had grown accustomed to having the other reliable pitcher Zach Greinke in the number two spot in the rotation.  But alas, the Dodgers foolishly let him go to their Western Division rivals the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Don’t think of  me as to being too hard on Kazmir and that maybe I should give a chance.  But then I look at his performance during spring training, I think otherwise. In the 5 games that he started, he gave up 12 runs and 25 hits. He has an ERA of 5.51.  His ERA alone makes you miss Greinke’s under 2.00 ERA one of the lowest in the league last year.  His pitching velocity has dropped below 90.  He has been clocked somewhere between 85 to 89.  Can you imagine his fastball being clocked at 85? All this makes me a little weary  having him pitch in the number two spot.

But in game three, I am very happy with newly acquired Kenta Maeda starting in the third game of the series. Maeda was acquired before spring Training.  He formerly played in Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball for the Hiroshima Yoyo Carp.   He finished this spring with 1 win and 2 losses in six starts. He gave 18 hits and 9 runs with a 2.35 ERA. This is a lot better Kazmir’s final totals.

As I written above I have no problems with Kershaw and Maeda, but I am not comfortable with  Kazmir starting.  I just hope that Kazmir proves my concerns wrong.

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The Kings Continue to Hurt Their Playoff Picture

Losing to the Dallas Stars 3-2 last night did not help the LA Kings playoff picture where they would have home-ice advantage through the conference playoffs. This loss dropped the Kings out of any serious chance of regaining the Western Conference lead while maintaining one point lead over the Anaheim Ducks in the Pacific Division. So while losing any hope of regaining back their conference lead they still have a slim chance of holding onto to their divisional lead.

The Kings had been six points behind the Stars going into their game last night.  A win would have cut that deficit to four instead of the eight points they are now.  With fours games left, only a total implosion of the Stars and the Kings winning every single remaining game just maybe they could win back the conference lead.  For now, the Kings have to concentrate on maintaining their hold on the Pacific Division.

Because the Kings not only have about holding back the Ducks from taking the division from them.  The San Jose Sharks are also in the position to challenge the Kings because they only need three points to catch the Kings

But the Kings have a chance to increase their lead to three points over the Ducks when they play each other Thursday night.  While unlike the Ducks, the Kings do not have same chance to increase their lead over the Sharks.  They do not play each other before the season ends.

Right now, losing to anyone will hurt their divisional hold.  Losing their hold on the division means losing their home- ice advantage in the first two rounds of the conference playoffs.

Fortunately blowing their conference lead to the Stars does not guarantee that they will lose their home-ice advantage in the finals should they make them as long as they have the better record their opponent.

So they needed to win not only last night’s game but the ones they lose after claiming the conference lead from Chicago Blackhawks a few games ago.  Those losses while not  knocking them out of the playoffs just make their journey towards the Stanley Cup uncertain and rough since they are out of control of their journey’s course.



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A Brief Look At Case Keenum’s College Career

Before there was Case Keenum, the Rams had another controversial quarterback named Marc Bulger.  Every week this poor soul got beat up by both defense lineman and fans alike. He endured this for I guess four years.  Why am I telling you this?

Well one day, I wrote a post that said he would be clearing his locker out for the last time as a Rams’ player and someone responded to my post.  He praised Bulger as a great player to which I responded in “Your Joking,” like tone.  No, he wasn’t because his admiration of Bulger went way back to his playing days at West Virginia.

You have every right to ask me what does this have to Keenum?  A lot because like Bulger, Keenum has fans that will fondly remember his college days. And to be perfectly honest we all have our favorite college teams and the players on those teams.  That is why I wanted to write this post about Keenum’s college days before I tear him apart this season.

So, after I googled Keenum’s college days, I found this article from titled, “A look back at why Case Keenum went undrafted,” written by Dane Brugler.  Please click on this link to read Brugler’s article. It was posted on October 18, 2013.

According to Brugler Keenum has average at best arm strength, so his throws seem to flutter especially when he does not have time to warm up.  His legs do not give him much mobility and his height and weight (6-1,208) which would be rather on the small size for a pro quarterback.

While lacking physical tools, though, Brugler points out he does have the mental tools.  He can make quick decisions prior snaps and is able to read a defense so that he knows where to put the ball.  He has a natural feel for the pocket, and despite his size has an excellent vision of the field.   Finally, he is mentally and physically tough.

Brugler further  points out that his college passing yards have been inflated.  He threw very short passes.  Below is Keenum college statistics provided by

Year School Conf Class Pos G Cmp Att Pct Yds Y/A AY/A TD Int Rate
2007 Houston CUSA QB 13 187 273 68.5 2259 8.3 7.7 14 10 147.6
*2008 Houston CUSA QB 13 397 589 67.4 5020 8.5 9.2 44 11 159.9
*2009 Houston CUSA QB 14 492 700 70.3 5671 8.1 8.4 44 15 154.8
2010 Houston CUSA QB 3 42 64 65.6 636 9.9 8.0 5 5 159.3
*2011 Houston CUSA QB 14 428 603 71.0 5631 9.3 10.6 48 5 174.0
Career Houston 1546 2229 69.4 19217 8.6 9.1 155 46 160.6

His average yards for passing yards does not change much in the pro’s with a career average yards for passings yards is 6.64 though he has a career-long pass of 66 yards.  That long pass occurred in his first year with the Houston Texans. This chart proves Brugler’s point about his inflated passing yards.  He has only one year, 2011, where his average for passing yards attempted was a little more than ten yards.

So, what have we learned about Case Keenum’s college days?  What lacks in the physically, he makes up mentally.   Finally, remember that Case Keenum is mentally and physically tough.


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Are the Los Angeles Rams Really Interested in The Texans’ Brian Hoyer or is There More?

I became very aggravated after reading a post that I received from Brandon Bates of Turf Show Times.  Click here for the link to that post.  Well according to Rams Wire, the Rams may be interested in the Houston Texans’ journeyman quarterback Brian Hoyer. Let’s be accurate when we describe Hoyer because he is journeymen. This man has taken his nonexistent act of playing quarterback to five teams in seven years.  This man has worn is welcome out as Felix Unger.  That last remark is for those who remember the sitcom “The Odd Couple.”

My last remark also describes his current situation with the Texans as per Ian Rapoport. (the following remarks made Rapoport does not come from the Turf Show Times post.  It comes from this Roto World link.)

 Per Rapsheet, “both sides sound OK with a fresh start.” The Texans have tried to claim this wasn’t the case, but it’s been the obvious endgame since they lavished $72 million on Brock Osweiler. Due $5.25 million in the final year of his contract, Hoyer can likely be acquired for a day-three draft pick. His status may not be resolved until Ryan Fitzpatrick and Colin Kaepernick know their 2016 fates. Mar 29 – 7:11 PM

Anybody can have Hoyer for third round pick, so whether it is the Rams or whoever wants him for a third round pick. If you read the first link I gave, the post mentioned this tweet.

Had heard a whisper the #Rams might look in this direction.#Jets & #Broncos names will get thrown out there, too. 

The Jets also have an interest in Hoyer in case their already arduous negotiations with Ryan Fitzpatrick implode. Also, a trade or force retirement will be the way to settle the Colin Kaepernick situation, and from my point of view, a trade won’t happen.  The Forty-Niners’ owner will want your first born for Kaepernick thus taking him out of the picture.

Now only Ryan Fitzpatrick stands in the way of moving Hoyer.  Fitzpatrick and the Jets are at an impasse. How do you break this impasse? By forcing Fitzpatrick back to the table by using Hoyer.

In theory, this plan should work for the Jets, but this is not theory.  Not only do the Jets want Hoyer, but  also the Broncos who lost Osweiler to the Texans. So now, the Jets are in bidding war with the Broncos while also trying to break the stalled negotiations with Fitzpatrick.

Now, this how the Rams fit. If you look at the wording of Albright’s tweet.  He mentioned that the Rams might be interested in Hoyer.  He did not tweet they were interested.  Also, Albright is a Denver-based radio host, so where do you think his allegiance will fall.  Also, the Rams’ owner Stan Kroenke and the Broncos’ owner Pat Bowlen are friends.  And, the twist to this is that Albright who tweeted the rumor is known to have the Rams pegged in the past.  This makes him the perfect delivery person to float this rumor.

So, I think the Rams’ interest in Hoyer is to heighten the bidding war to drive the Jets away Hoyer.

Of course , this is just my theory and I could be wrong and there is truth to this rumor then I have some advice for the Rams. Keep their pick for the draft and not waste it on Hoyer.  Any trading of picks that I want to see is for the purpose of drafting a quarterback.