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Bradford Forget Being Traded

Yes, you have heard it right! Quarterback Sam Bradford wants the Eagles to trade him. Wait a minute, didn’t the Eagles give him a $16  million dollar per year for a possible two-year contract? Didn’t they come out and say that he would be their starting quarterback right after their trade for the Browns number 2 pick the draft?

I know that the Rams made promises to him last year before trading him to the Eagles and I can understand that there could be some mistrust in promises being made.  Yet, you have to look at the fact that the Eagles made a commitment to Bradford for at least two years.  The Rams made no such commitment to him before trading him.  So, there is no reason to use mistrust as a reason for a trade.

Just because the Eagles draft a quarterback this year, it does not mean that this quarterback will start this nor the next which means that Bradford will have his starting role for possibly two years.  Also, there is no guarantee that this draft will ever start.

So, my suggestion for Sam is shut up and report to mini-camp.   Act like you never mentioned any trade and hope that the Eagles forget your momentary lapse of good judgment.

While I may hope the Eagles would forgive him, I believe that Bradford had put a knife in the Eagles back and sometime in the future the Eagles will repay him in kind once Wentz or whoever they picked becomes ready to start. So Sam, take the time the Eagles give you to sharpen your image as a starting quarterback because you will be out in the open market in a year or two.


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