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Bradford Forget Being Traded

Yes, you have heard it right! Quarterback Sam Bradford wants the Eagles to trade him. Wait a minute, didn’t the Eagles give him a $16  million dollar per year for a possible two-year contract? Didn’t they come out and say that he would be their starting quarterback right after their trade for the Browns number 2 pick the draft?

I know that the Rams made promises to him last year before trading him to the Eagles and I can understand that there could be some mistrust in promises being made.  Yet, you have to look at the fact that the Eagles made a commitment to Bradford for at least two years.  The Rams made no such commitment to him before trading him.  So, there is no reason to use mistrust as a reason for a trade.

Just because the Eagles draft a quarterback this year, it does not mean that this quarterback will start this nor the next which means that Bradford will have his starting role for possibly two years.  Also, there is no guarantee that this draft will ever start.

So, my suggestion for Sam is shut up and report to mini-camp.   Act like you never mentioned any trade and hope that the Eagles forget your momentary lapse of good judgment.

While I may hope the Eagles would forgive him, I believe that Bradford had put a knife in the Eagles back and sometime in the future the Eagles will repay him in kind once Wentz or whoever they picked becomes ready to start. So Sam, take the time the Eagles give you to sharpen your image as a starting quarterback because you will be out in the open market in a year or two.

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My NFL Picks For Week 3

Here are picks for week three in the NFL.  I have made picks for the Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night games.  Since this is a west coast blog, I have made my picks for the NFC Western Division games.  Then I threw in one game that I thought interesting. So here we go.

In last night’s matchup between the Giants and the Redskins, I had the Giants who beat Washington 32-21.  I have to  admit that I reluctantly pick the Giants.  I was not sure they would be able to over power Washington’s defense that looked really impressive in their game against the  Rams. But, I picked the Giants anyway because I had to admit that the Rams’ offensive line  made Washington look good, and I walked away with a win.

The Sunday and Monday night games were pretty easy to pick for me.   In the Sunday Night game, I took the Broncos over the Lions, and in Monday Night game, I went with the Packers over the Chiefs.

The NFC West Division Picks

Even though I like the Rams, I went with the Steelers’ defense to handle the Rams’ struggling offensive line. I am not that optimistic that Gurley’s will have much of impact in this game for the Rams, as much highly prophesied.  Do not forget that he has not played in a NFL game, so far this season, so we do not  know what to expect from him.  Also for me, the jury is still out in Nick Foles.   So at the end of this game, I expect the Rams to have another loss.

This will be the NFC West’s first interdivision game. It pits the Cardinals against the 49ers. I like Carson Palmer much better than Colin Kaepernick in this game, so I am going with the Cardinals.

In this next game, unfortunately I have to go with the Seahawks to get their first win over the Bears who have their problems.  Also, a Seahawks’ loss could mean there could be a new western division leader this year.

The game of interest:

This game is a rather interesting game because it has the Jets(2-0) up against the Eagles(0-2).  So far, the Jets have surprised me. Who would have thought that they would win their their first two games  .

But, the Eagle have me perplex.  I anticipated a much more solid performance in their first two games. I expected flawless play from Sam Bradford, but his performance has left me rather disappointed.  He has thrown four interceptions, so far.

So, who did I choose? I picked the Eagles for two reasons. First, I trust Kelly will make the adjustments needed to produce the Eagles first win. Second, I do believe that the Jets will produce a third win.  I believe the Jets are good, but not better than the Eagles.

This is my picks for week three. Some of the picks were straightforward while others were made grudgingly. I do hope I am wrong about the Seahawks because being a Rams fan, I would like to see them dethrone as NFC West Champions.  While, I hope that I am surprised by a Rams win.  I guess I’ll have to wait for Sunday evening to find out.


Will Nick Foles Or Sam Bradford Have The Better Year?

Nick Foles                                         Sam Bradford

Maybe now is not the time to ask this question, but I want to ask it anyway. Who do you think will have the better year, Nick Foles or Sam Bradford?

Right now, after three preseason games, the answer would obviously be Bradford. After two games he has a quarterback rating of 149.6.  He has completed 13 of out 15 attempts for 156 yards, and has thrown 3 TDs.(stats provided by

Foles on the other has achieved a rating of 95.4 after starting in three games.  He has completed 16 of 23 passes. He threw one TD and one INT with three sacks. (  Out of his three starts, his last one against the Colts was his best.

Even though Bradford looks like he could have the better season right now, this could change for Bradford during the regular season by either poor performance or injury.  Keep in mind that he has been prone to injuries in the past.

Yet on the other hand he could have good year because he is finally in the Spread Offense.  He played in this offense at Oklahoma.

I pondered what kind of argument could you make for Foles, but I cannot honestly make one.  Given the fact that it would not be fair to put these two quarterbacks to a head to head comparison even during the season.

For the obvious reason that they play in two different offensive systems with two different demands placed on each.

Now if you asked which quarterback has the most responsibility placed on him then I would have to say Bradford because he will be required to pass  the ball more than Foles who will be handing the ball off more.

With that being said, I would have to say that Bradford has the potential for a breakout because he has a better offense around him as compared to Foles’ Rams’ offense.  Their offense line is still questionable.  A starting has not been decided upon, and the heart of the running game, Mason and Gurley are questionable for the start of the season.