Will Nick Foles Or Sam Bradford Have The Better Year?

Nick Foles                                         Sam Bradford

Maybe now is not the time to ask this question, but I want to ask it anyway. Who do you think will have the better year, Nick Foles or Sam Bradford?

Right now, after three preseason games, the answer would obviously be Bradford. After two games he has a quarterback rating of 149.6.  He has completed 13 of out 15 attempts for 156 yards, and has thrown 3 TDs.(stats provided by NFL.com)

Foles on the other has achieved a rating of 95.4 after starting in three games.  He has completed 16 of 23 passes. He threw one TD and one INT with three sacks. (NFL.com)  Out of his three starts, his last one against the Colts was his best.

Even though Bradford looks like he could have the better season right now, this could change for Bradford during the regular season by either poor performance or injury.  Keep in mind that he has been prone to injuries in the past.

Yet on the other hand he could have good year because he is finally in the Spread Offense.  He played in this offense at Oklahoma.

I pondered what kind of argument could you make for Foles, but I cannot honestly make one.  Given the fact that it would not be fair to put these two quarterbacks to a head to head comparison even during the season.

For the obvious reason that they play in two different offensive systems with two different demands placed on each.

Now if you asked which quarterback has the most responsibility placed on him then I would have to say Bradford because he will be required to pass  the ball more than Foles who will be handing the ball off more.

With that being said, I would have to say that Bradford has the potential for a breakout because he has a better offense around him as compared to Foles’ Rams’ offense.  Their offense line is still questionable.  A starting has not been decided upon, and the heart of the running game, Mason and Gurley are questionable for the start of the season.


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