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Transcript Of McVay;Snead Pre-Draft Pres Conference

Rams’ GM Les Snead and Head Coach Sean McVay held a pre-draft press conference on Tuesday.  The following is an excerpt from the transcript which appeared on TheRams.com 

(On how needs of the team play into building the draft board and when needs override best player available)


“I think you always try to set your board with not taking needs into play. Obviously, if you really need something, you might be desperate and then all of the sudden, you’re making players better than what they are. So you try to do that, for sure. I always say this, ‘Best player available is always speculative.’ That’s our best player available, time will tell – it’s usually about three years later whether you were right. But I do think there’s a blend of common sense in this thing where there are some definite needs that will help us as a team in 2017 and the future. Then, there are some times where, guess what, a really good football player falls that may not be your A or B need, but you can always use a really good football player, especially if there’s buy-in and he’s going to start and help us. It’s a blend of that, I think.”


“Yeah, I think exactly what Les said. When you look at free agency and the draft, you certainly evaluate your own roster and then you develop your needs based on your evaluation of your current players in place. I think the thing that he said that is critical is that you do have needs, but you don’t want to overreach for a need – meaning, if you have a specific player valued at that spot and you don’t get a certain guy at that spot, you don’t then go to the next guy because of it being a need. But I think when you look at it, there’s a certain position that might have a little bit more depth at, you’ll lean towards that need. But I don’t think you want to reach for it. He and his staff have don’t an excellent job of being able to listen to our coaching staff’s evaluation of our current players that we have and how that dictates and determines how we’ll move forward, both on offense and defense and with ‘Bones’ (Special Teams Coordinator John Fassel) on special teams. And I feel very good about where we’re at, collectively, as an organization, going into Thursday.”

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Kershaw Saves the Day and Gruden Optimistic about Goff, McVay and Other Tidbits

I am sitting here at my desk and gazing at laptop’s screen while wondering what to write today,  MY mind has been wandering in so many directions.  Should I write about the Dodgers victory over the Rockies last night?   How about Jon Gruden’s comments about Jared Goff and Sean McVay? Maybe I can write about the Rams signing a Patriots’ castoff.  So many topics and too little time, so I guess that I’ll briefly write about them all.

I am going to tread the day that we ever lose Clayton Kershaw.  If you ever need somebody that can be the clutch for an uplift, he is the one you want because he comes through all the time and last night he came through for the Dodgers.

The Dodgers went into last night’s game after a disappointing Wednesday night loss to the Rockies and adding to their three-game losing streak.  They faced the division leading Rockies for the last time in their series and needed to avoid a series sweep, but one obstacle stood in their way. The last time Kershaw faced the Rockies he gave up two back to back home runs for a lifetime first and lost the game 2-4.

But, Kershaw blasted through that obstacle last night. While he did give up two runs, they were not back to back and they were the only two.  While Kershaw did his part, the others scored four runs to break their losing streak get a 4-2 victory.

The Dodgers will be in Arizona Friday night to face the Diamondbacks with Ales Wood on the mound in place of Rich Hill.

Jon Gruden is optimistic about Jared Goff and Sean McVay.  Before I proceed, I would like to make this disclaimer.  McVay had been an assistant coach for Gruden when he coached the Buccaneers.  He also had been Jay Gruden’s offensive coordinator.  There could be some bias here coming from Gruden, but here is what he has to say about Goff:

“He came out early — a true junior,” Gruden said on a conference call Wednesday. “I don’t think he’s a hundred percent what he’s going to be physically; I still think he’s going to get stronger, I think he’s going to mature physically. I do think that he went into a difficult situation. That’s an offensive line that has struggled; that’s a receiving corps that has struggled. And his inexperience — I think that’s a difficult combination for a young quarterback. And I think that’s a big reason why they were 0-7 when he was the starter.”

Now His thoughts about McVay:

 “I just think he’s going to bring a real positive, upbeat presence to the offensive side of the ball,” Gruden said. “And fortunately for him, he’s hired one of the best defensive minds in all of football over the last 25 or 30 years [in coordinator Wade Phillips]. I think they have a unique battery there — a young, energetic offensive coach who’s proven he can get the job done, and a very, very good, experienced defensive coach on the other side.”

All I can say is that I am not a Goff hater because I believe that he got a raw deal under Fisher and his offensive cohorts. Some people compare his play to Carl Wentz of the Eagles and that is an unfair comparison.  The Eagles had a much better head coach and offensive staff.  I am looking for a better performance from Goff given the positive changes in the Rams’ offensive staff.

Gruden’s quotes come from an article written by ESPN’s Alden Gonzalez which could be read by clicking here.

The LA Times’ Gary Klein reported yesterday that the Rams claimed Patriot castoff lineman Tre Jackson off waivers.  The Patriots drafted out Florida State 2015 according to Klein who also wrote that he did not play a single game in 2016 because of a knee injury.  In 2015, he started in nine games as a right guard.

I wonder if this pickup just to have competition at that the guard position.  While I am little concern about his missing last season because of his knee, I will take a wait and see position before beginning to gripe.


You can read Gary Klein’s piece in the NY Times by clicking here.

This is it, for now, peace out.

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The Dodgers Tried to Comeback in The Ninth But Fell Short to The Rockies

There was some good and bad news that came out the Dodgers’ 4-3 loss to the Rockies.  The good news is Hyun-Jin Ryu pitched for more than four innings, but the bad is he gave up 4 runs giving him a .587  ERA.  The other good news is while holding the Rockies, to four runs they mounted a comeback in the ninth by adding two to their one run they scored in the fourth.  The bad news is that the comeback was neither good for a tie nor win the game.  This is what Dave Roberts had to say about the comeback.

 “We were good in the ninth inning,” said Dodgers manager Dave Roberts. “Our guys aren’t going to lay down. They’re going to keep competing. It was good to see us stress them.”

What would have been nice to into tonight’s game with a win because they will be facing their nemesis in the form of a left-handed pitcher Tyle Anderson. Even though they have been their problems facing a left-handed pitcher, they were able to rough him up the last time they met. I hope they have the same success again tonight.

They Rockies will be facing Clayton Kershaw who they roughed up the last time they met when they scored two home runs in a row.  I hope there is not a repeat tonight.

Click here to read the complete wrap up by clicking here

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Les Snead The Second Worst GM in The League Could Have Peyton Manning in HIs Future

Remember last season when you had to decide between losing and winning and you knew that losing would finally get rid of Jeff Fisher?  Well, we may have to make that hard choice again, but this time it will be about the removal of Les Snead.  Why am I bringing up Les Snead fate?

Well, Les Smead was the topic of conversation yesterday after Rotoworld’s GM Rankings and Les Snead came in second to last as reported by Joe McAtee of  Turf Show Times. Here what Rotoworld had to say about Les Snead:

Les Snead still has his job, but he no longer has his alibi. With Jeff Fisher gone, there’s no one to hide behind. Snead has to own a roster that’s been historically inept on offense and riddled with underachievers on defense. To his credit, Snead has approached 2017 with a sense of urgency. He replaced Fisher with his polar opposite, making offensive-minded Sean McVay the youngest head coach in NFL history. Next, he lured LT Andrew Whitworth from the Bengals, filling a hole the Rams have had since Orlando Pace left St. Louis. Letting Kenny Britt walk in favor of Robert Woods was questionable, but clearly at the behest of his new head coach. Snead’s biggest problems as he untangles the headphone cords of the Fisher era are directly related. He doesn’t have a first-round pick. He flushed it down the toilet in last year’s calamitous trade for Jared Goff. With no signal caller or first-rounder, it’s going to be hard to get this gas guzzler out of neutral. It will likely end up a job for another man.

Last year they ranked at 18 and this year he is at 28 and there is a good reason for such a drop.  That would be last season poor record, his alleged tumulous relationship with Fisher, and last year trade up in the draft for Jeff Goff. though the jury is still out on Goff.  You can hammer any or all of those issues and I am sure you can think of more reasons, but I don’t want to turn this into a bash Snead post.  This is because of a post I published Saturday.

Saturday, I published that the Rams are extremely interested in Sean Payton for a front office position and possibly in the realm of GM but the article that I had gotten did not mention what Snead’s fate would be should Manning accept.

The article went on to suggest that he would have the same type of position occupied be John Elway of the Denver Broncos.  Elway holds two positions. He is the executive of football operations as well as the teams’  general manager which gives him total control of the team football operations. I am not sure how much control the Rams will offer Manning.

Will Manning come to the Rams and how much of an effect will it have on Snead?  Keep this in mind that the Rams are not the only team interested in Manning.  There are two other teams also interested Manning and one of them being Indianapolis.  But if were to decide to go with the Rams, in the beginning, I do not foresee Snead’s immediate removal. I don’t see him getting as much power as Elway has now, bit I could see gaining power over time and possibly pushing Snead out the door.

This year Snead has to really push hard to disprove his title of being the second worst GM in the NFL because he could have Manning breathing down his neck. Even without the pressure of Manning breathing down his neck, he still has to make the right decision in the draft and bring in the right people to help head coach Sean McVay and his assistant coaches build a successful team this season. So whether or not Manning comes the team he has to turn this team around because if he doesn’t that title of the second worst GM won’t be the only thing he has to worry about.

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Last Nights’ Finale Loss to The Diamondbacks Exposed The Dodgers Achilles Heal

Last nights’ loss to the Diamondbacks might have exposed a the Dodgers’ Achilles Heal.  Some Dodgers’ fans rightfully would tell me not to worry because the season is still young.  I would probably agree with them if the exposed Achilles Heal was any other area but this one.  And what area am I so worry about, you ask?

And I reply. The exposed area is in their pitching rotation and to be more specific, the inning pitched.

The only pitcher that lasted well into the game is the Dodgers’ ace Clayton Kershaw while the others bearly make it five innings. This played out again last night when Brandon McCarthy left the game after five innings.

The game Dodgers had been up 2-0 when McCarthy gave up two runs that tied the game.  His early departure force overworked relievers to finish up, and it resulted in the Diamondbacks getting two more runs to break the tie and win the game.

Why were the relievers overworked?  Because they had to work extra innings after early departures of other starting pitchers.  Below I have statistics that will make my case.

Innings The Pitched 

Clayton Kershaw       21.1

Brandon McCarthy    17.0

Kenta Maeda             14.0

Hyun-Jin Ryu              9.1

Rich Hill                      8.0  (Hill played in two games because he was on the DL)

Game Logs 

Clayton Kershaw 

04/14 vs ARI W 7-1 8.1 4 1 1 0 1 8 9 11 29 100 W(2-1) 2.53
04/08 @ COL L 2-4 6.0 8 4 4 3 0 6 11 9 26 100 L(1-1) 3.46
04/03 vs SD W 14-3 7.0 2 2 1 1 0 8 6 10 24 84 W(1-0) 1.29

Brandon McCarthy

04/17 vs ARI L 2-4 5.0 5 2 2 0 3 8 7 3 21 86 2.12
04/12 @ CHC W 2-0 6.0 4 0 0 0 3 4 8 6 21 91 W(2-0) 1.50
04/06 vs SD W 10-2 6.0 4 2 2 1 1 4 8 10 23 78 W(1-0) 3.00

Kenta  Maeda 

04/15 vs ARI W 8-4 4.0 4 4 4 1 1 5 3 8 17 71 7.07
04/09 @ COL W 10-6 5.0 5 4 4 1 1 5 5 11 22 83 W(1-1) 6.30
04/04 vs SD L 0-4 5.0 6 3 3 1 2 4 6 9 21 75 L(0-1) 5.40

Hyun-Jin Ryu

04/13 @ CHC L 0-4 4.2 6 4 4 2 2 5 6 7 21 77 L(0-2) 5.79
04/07 @ COL L 1-2 4.2 6 2 2 1 1 5 8 7 21 77 L(0-1) 3.86

Rich Hill

04/16 vs ARI L 1-3 3.0 5 2 2 1 2 2 4 7 15 54 L(1-1) 3.38
04/05 vs SD W 3-1 5.0 2 1 1 1 3 5 6 4 18 75 W(1-0) 1.80

Alex Wood (Even though Wood isn’t part of the starting rotation, He did take Hill’s place for the Chicago series and will back in place of Hill again. Hill is on the DL again.)

04/15 vs ARI W 8-4 3.1 0 0 0 0 0 3 8 1 12 41 W(1-0) 1.00
04/10 @ CHC L 2-3 3.2 3 2 1 0 5 4 4 6 19 70 1.59
04/05 vs SD W 3-1 2.0 0 0 0 0 1 1 2 3 7 22 H(1) 0.00

I want to start with Alex Wood since he will be back in the rotation.  He only lasted 3.2 innings in his only start.  That resulted in six innings being filled by relievers,

Then you have Hill who has not got past five innings and leaving Sunday’s game after three because of a reoccurring blister.  Again relievers have to come into the game for four and six innings respectfully.

These early departures from games are putting a strain on the relievers.  Unlike Kershaw who last six innings and sometimes seven where you use maybe two or three relievers, you are using four to six relievers.  These early departures are happening on regular basis and thus the relievers are pitching more with less rest.  If this pace of early departures keeps up, the relievers will be burnt out by the All-Star Break.

So the Dodgers are either gonna have to find some way of getting longevity from their starters or seriously look into making replacements.  Neither option has easy answers.

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Where the Dodgers Wrong by Extending HIll’s Contract?

Did the Dodgers make a mistake betting on Rich Hill?  Why do I ask?  Well, it looks like Hill will be heading back to the DL for the second time this year.  His ongoing blister problem flared up again last night against the Diamondbacks.   This comes after spending time on the DL.

The Dodgers had hope that rest on the DL and easing him back would help him.  Well, as far as helping pitching they were right but according to Los Angeles Times’ contract reporter Bill Shaikin, the blister did not occur while pitching but by batting.

This leads one to wonder if this blister will sideline him more often or he will be better off in the bullpen.  The Manager Dave Roberts  has the answer.

He’s not built for that,” Roberts said, “but Rich is all about doing what’s best for the team. I think it’s worthy of a conversation. It wouldn’t be as devastating if something flared up.(Shaikin’s Article)

So, did the Dodgers make a mistake betting on Hill?  The Dodgers signed Hill to $48 million three-year contract this year.  I agreed with this resigning, but his recurring blister could make one move toward having second thoughts.

I also can not accept someone in the bullpen making $16 million a season to pitch maybe one or two innings.

For right now, there is no accurate answer to this question. It is way too early to give an accurate answer but is not too early to be concerned and pray for some relief and cure for Hill’blister…


Click here to read Bill Shaikin’s article.

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The Kings May Be Interested in One Person for Their New Head Coach

David Chabot of Hockey Feed just the following tweet by NHL Inside Pierre LeBrun.

Kings’ coaching search, for now, includes just 1 man: associate coach John Stevens. Rob Blake wants to discuss things with him, see if a fit.

9:37 AM – 13 Apr 2017

John Stevens has been with the Kings as a coach for seven years after leaving his head coach of Philadelphia.  Even though he has been with Kings, I would hope they would talk to more prospect.

Click here to read David Chabot’s complete article. 

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The Rams Sign Four Defensive Linemen

On Tuesday, the Rams signed three defensive linemen Nate Bain.  The Rams signed Matt Longacre, Louis Trina-Pasat, Ethan Westbrook.

DE Longacre has been with the Rams since 2015 after be signed as undrafted free agent.  Last year he made six tackles in 2016.

DT Trina-Pasat was signed with the Rams in 2015.

DT Westbrook signed franchise tender with the Rams.  The Rams signed him as undrafted free agent in 2014. and then to the active roster later that year in  August.   He has 24 tackles and 2 sacks in 2016.

You can read Bain’s article on the Rams website by clicking here.

Myles Simmons of the Rams Insider reported on Wednesday that Rams exercised the fifth-year option trust that will keep Donald a Ram until 2018.

You can read Simmon’s article by clicking here.