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Kershaw Saves the Day and Gruden Optimistic about Goff, McVay and Other Tidbits

I am sitting here at my desk and gazing at laptop’s screen while wondering what to write today,  MY mind has been wandering in so many directions.  Should I write about the Dodgers victory over the Rockies last night?   How about Jon Gruden’s comments about Jared Goff and Sean McVay? Maybe I can write about the Rams signing a Patriots’ castoff.  So many topics and too little time, so I guess that I’ll briefly write about them all.

I am going to tread the day that we ever lose Clayton Kershaw.  If you ever need somebody that can be the clutch for an uplift, he is the one you want because he comes through all the time and last night he came through for the Dodgers.

The Dodgers went into last night’s game after a disappointing Wednesday night loss to the Rockies and adding to their three-game losing streak.  They faced the division leading Rockies for the last time in their series and needed to avoid a series sweep, but one obstacle stood in their way. The last time Kershaw faced the Rockies he gave up two back to back home runs for a lifetime first and lost the game 2-4.

But, Kershaw blasted through that obstacle last night. While he did give up two runs, they were not back to back and they were the only two.  While Kershaw did his part, the others scored four runs to break their losing streak get a 4-2 victory.

The Dodgers will be in Arizona Friday night to face the Diamondbacks with Ales Wood on the mound in place of Rich Hill.

Jon Gruden is optimistic about Jared Goff and Sean McVay.  Before I proceed, I would like to make this disclaimer.  McVay had been an assistant coach for Gruden when he coached the Buccaneers.  He also had been Jay Gruden’s offensive coordinator.  There could be some bias here coming from Gruden, but here is what he has to say about Goff:

“He came out early — a true junior,” Gruden said on a conference call Wednesday. “I don’t think he’s a hundred percent what he’s going to be physically; I still think he’s going to get stronger, I think he’s going to mature physically. I do think that he went into a difficult situation. That’s an offensive line that has struggled; that’s a receiving corps that has struggled. And his inexperience — I think that’s a difficult combination for a young quarterback. And I think that’s a big reason why they were 0-7 when he was the starter.”

Now His thoughts about McVay:

 “I just think he’s going to bring a real positive, upbeat presence to the offensive side of the ball,” Gruden said. “And fortunately for him, he’s hired one of the best defensive minds in all of football over the last 25 or 30 years [in coordinator Wade Phillips]. I think they have a unique battery there — a young, energetic offensive coach who’s proven he can get the job done, and a very, very good, experienced defensive coach on the other side.”

All I can say is that I am not a Goff hater because I believe that he got a raw deal under Fisher and his offensive cohorts. Some people compare his play to Carl Wentz of the Eagles and that is an unfair comparison.  The Eagles had a much better head coach and offensive staff.  I am looking for a better performance from Goff given the positive changes in the Rams’ offensive staff.

Gruden’s quotes come from an article written by ESPN’s Alden Gonzalez which could be read by clicking here.

The LA Times’ Gary Klein reported yesterday that the Rams claimed Patriot castoff lineman Tre Jackson off waivers.  The Patriots drafted out Florida State 2015 according to Klein who also wrote that he did not play a single game in 2016 because of a knee injury.  In 2015, he started in nine games as a right guard.

I wonder if this pickup just to have competition at that the guard position.  While I am little concern about his missing last season because of his knee, I will take a wait and see position before beginning to gripe.


You can read Gary Klein’s piece in the NY Times by clicking here.

This is it, for now, peace out.


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