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The Dodgers Tried to Comeback in The Ninth But Fell Short to The Rockies

There was some good and bad news that came out the Dodgers’ 4-3 loss to the Rockies.  The good news is Hyun-Jin Ryu pitched for more than four innings, but the bad is he gave up 4 runs giving him a .587  ERA.  The other good news is while holding the Rockies, to four runs they mounted a comeback in the ninth by adding two to their one run they scored in the fourth.  The bad news is that the comeback was neither good for a tie nor win the game.  This is what Dave Roberts had to say about the comeback.

 “We were good in the ninth inning,” said Dodgers manager Dave Roberts. “Our guys aren’t going to lay down. They’re going to keep competing. It was good to see us stress them.”

What would have been nice to into tonight’s game with a win because they will be facing their nemesis in the form of a left-handed pitcher Tyle Anderson. Even though they have been their problems facing a left-handed pitcher, they were able to rough him up the last time they met. I hope they have the same success again tonight.

They Rockies will be facing Clayton Kershaw who they roughed up the last time they met when they scored two home runs in a row.  I hope there is not a repeat tonight.

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