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Where the Dodgers Wrong by Extending HIll’s Contract?

Did the Dodgers make a mistake betting on Rich Hill?  Why do I ask?  Well, it looks like Hill will be heading back to the DL for the second time this year.  His ongoing blister problem flared up again last night against the Diamondbacks.   This comes after spending time on the DL.

The Dodgers had hope that rest on the DL and easing him back would help him.  Well, as far as helping pitching they were right but according to Los Angeles Times’ contract reporter Bill Shaikin, the blister did not occur while pitching but by batting.

This leads one to wonder if this blister will sideline him more often or he will be better off in the bullpen.  The Manager Dave Roberts  has the answer.

He’s not built for that,” Roberts said, “but Rich is all about doing what’s best for the team. I think it’s worthy of a conversation. It wouldn’t be as devastating if something flared up.(Shaikin’s Article)

So, did the Dodgers make a mistake betting on Hill?  The Dodgers signed Hill to $48 million three-year contract this year.  I agreed with this resigning, but his recurring blister could make one move toward having second thoughts.

I also can not accept someone in the bullpen making $16 million a season to pitch maybe one or two innings.

For right now, there is no accurate answer to this question. It is way too early to give an accurate answer but is not too early to be concerned and pray for some relief and cure for Hill’blister…


Click here to read Bill Shaikin’s article.


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