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The Chargers Will Be making LA Their New Home

The LA Time has reported that the Chargers have decided to move to LA to the Rams. According to the Times, Dan Spanos made his intentions known to Pete Goodell and several league owners on Thursday.

Since the Chargers’ move not required the league permission, the move will be immediate so the Chargers will be playing their 2017 home games in LA.

I can tell you right now that this move has two groups of unhappy fans.  The first group, of course, being San Diego fans who had their final hopes dashed by a past deadline call by Spanos to Goodell.

The other group of fans are the Rams who do not want to share their team’s stadium wit the Charger fans

Yet, there are others who think that LA  will not support two lousy teams such as these two teams.

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The Kings Continue to Hurt Their Playoff Picture

Losing to the Dallas Stars 3-2 last night did not help the LA Kings playoff picture where they would have home-ice advantage through the conference playoffs. This loss dropped the Kings out of any serious chance of regaining the Western Conference lead while maintaining one point lead over the Anaheim Ducks in the Pacific Division. So while losing any hope of regaining back their conference lead they still have a slim chance of holding onto to their divisional lead.

The Kings had been six points behind the Stars going into their game last night.  A win would have cut that deficit to four instead of the eight points they are now.  With fours games left, only a total implosion of the Stars and the Kings winning every single remaining game just maybe they could win back the conference lead.  For now, the Kings have to concentrate on maintaining their hold on the Pacific Division.

Because the Kings not only have about holding back the Ducks from taking the division from them.  The San Jose Sharks are also in the position to challenge the Kings because they only need three points to catch the Kings

But the Kings have a chance to increase their lead to three points over the Ducks when they play each other Thursday night.  While unlike the Ducks, the Kings do not have same chance to increase their lead over the Sharks.  They do not play each other before the season ends.

Right now, losing to anyone will hurt their divisional hold.  Losing their hold on the division means losing their home- ice advantage in the first two rounds of the conference playoffs.

Fortunately blowing their conference lead to the Stars does not guarantee that they will lose their home-ice advantage in the finals should they make them as long as they have the better record their opponent.

So they needed to win not only last night’s game but the ones they lose after claiming the conference lead from Chicago Blackhawks a few games ago.  Those losses while not  knocking them out of the playoffs just make their journey towards the Stanley Cup uncertain and rough since they are out of control of their journey’s course.