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The Dodgers Come Out 3-1 Winners Over the Padres

Dodgers beat the Padres with runs scored by Yasiel Puig, Corey Seager, and Adrian Gonzalez. Dodgers’ starting pitcher Rich Hill held the Padres scoreless for four innings.

The two will face each other again in their last game of the series tonight.  Brandon McCarthy will be on the mound for the Dodgers, and he will face Jered  Weaver.

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The Dodgers Have Place Hyun-Jin Ryu Back On The DL

Espn’s Doug Padilla has reported that the Dodgers have placed left-hander Hyun-Jin Ryu  back on the DL. He went back on DL because of elbow tendinitis.  He has played in only one game so far this season against the Padres about two weeks ago.

Ryu has a had a rough going this year.  He struggled through spring training and most of the season to make a comeback from elbow surgery. The surgery  has kept from the mound for two years.

Since putting Ryu on the DL  again, the Dodgers have activated Joc Pederson who played against the Washington Nationals.

No one has been named to replace him on the mound.

Click here to read Doug Padilla’s whole story.

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Will the Dodgers’ Rotation Get Lucky Against the Giants too?

Do not use the Padres’ series as a standard to judge how well the Dodgers starting rotation will do against the Giants their next opponent.  Rather think of it as an anomaly.  An anomaly that may not repeat itself.

R.J, Anderson of CBS Sports posted a very interesting article (link to article) regarding the Dodgers’ rotation after their surprising performance against Padres which puts everything into the proper perspective,  In the article he points to the Padres’ hitting debacle for the reason their rotation success.  You see during the series, the Padres did not change their lineup even though  it did not produce any runs. A change in the lineup could have a least produce some runs if not a win.

This Lineup debacle could  be the reason that Kazmir won on Tuesday as Aderson put it, We will see how really good he pitches when he faces the Giants on Sunday. So far after their first three games, the Giants rank fourth and have combined total of 17 runs and 28 hits after 103 at bats they have an average of .272.  This is far better than the Padres who are ranked at 15 with 0 runs 11 hits and batting average of .120 and he faced on Tuesday.

The Dodgers have another suspect pitcher Alex Wood  who will be tonight’s starter. He still has to prove that he can win a game. He lost three of his five starts while not garnering a win during spring training.

Their fifth starter Ross Stripling will start against the Giants on Friday which will be his first pro start.  While I would not consider suspect, it would be because I do not have enough information about him to consider him suspect.

So let me break it down this way.  The Dodgers are going into San Fransico with a suspect rotation that got lucky in San Diago,  This rotation who has one known dependable pitcher, Kershaw.  While I like Maeda and I know more about what Kershaw could do. Kazmir and Woods, you know what they can do thus leaving you with an unfavorable impression. Stripling has shown some promise, but there is not enough to be comfortable with him.

Will this be enough to pull off victories?  I only know that the Kershaw pitches will be a winner.