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This is for Those Wonder Where Former USC Trojan Cody Kessler Stands in the 2016 NFL Draft

What are Cody Kessler’s chances of being taken in this year’s draft? To start with he is not on the Rams’ radar and for that matter there are no rumors of him being on other team’s radar either.  If you really care, you may ask why is that?  The is the answer is short and simple.

After you enter Cody Kessler for a Google search, you will get a few articles regarding his draft prospects.  All the articles say this same thing.

Kessler has the mental ability but lacks the physical abilities.  They also said that he lacks the arm strength to throw the ball deep downfield.

So he has no problem reading and putting the ball where it’s suppose to be as long as not in a deep place.  This is not too promising, but not enough to keep off someone’s  roster.  If the team had the time and patience he might be a good work in progress.

As, for what round he would  be drafted   He definitely would not be not a higher round pick, but somewhere in the lower rounds probably the sixth or seventh round.  If he does not get picked, some team will sign as undrafted free agent.

So, he will be picked up by some team, and we will not hear about him again unless there is some Tom Brady like a miracle.

Here are the links where can read more about Cody Kessler’s chances in the draft.

Roto World has him a later round pick.

Gang-Green’s scouting report.

CBS Sports scouting report

NFL.Com-Kessler’s draft file


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