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Fitzpatrick NJ Home for Rent: Could This Mean That The Jets Could Come Knocking On The Rams’ Door?

Normally, I would have let this story go by, because it has nothing to do with the Rams. Yet, taken the Rams will have to move their quarterback Nick Foles, well could mean something.

The Daily News’ Mike Matvey has this story.  He writes that apparently Jets’ quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has his house for rent. How does this affect the Rams?  Well, I wrote a couple of posts concerning the stalemate in negotiations between free agent Fitzpatrick and the Jets, and judging from the for rent sign, the Jets maybe in need of a quarterback and a team willing to move one.

As of right now, the Rams need to either cut or trade Foles while the Jets need a quarterback. We will have to watch for any rumors concerning the Rams and Jets talking.

You can read Mike  Matvey’s whole story by clicking here.


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