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The Rams Need to Pass Over These Box Defenses to Todd Gurley for Him to Be Effective

Since the Rams have such a problem getting the running game going, why  don’t they start targeting Todd Gurley as a receiver? This idea comes from Rams News’ Alden Gonzalez.   I like this idea, but I would add to it, also.  I would like to see Benny Cunningham and more play action plays involved as well.  This should put a burn to these box defenses so bent on stopping Gurley.

Let’s face the fact that the Rams will be facing many teams that will be playing some form of a box defense to prevent the Rams from running Todd Gurley and trying force them to pass.  Well, then we give them what they want until they choke on it.

Look I don’t like playing one-dimensional football by living by the pass, but the reality is the running game is off the table at least by using Todd Gurley. So, develop more passing plays that will get the ball in Gurley’s hands.  Then he can put his moves on opposing players.

These are just a couple of suggestions.  I sure that I will think of a few more.


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