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The Rams Add Two More Players

The Rams remain active during this year’s period of free agency by adding more players.  Yesterday, they add center John Sullivan who played for Rams head coach Sean McVay at Washington. Now today they sign LB/DE Carlos Thompson.

Center John Sullivan 

Former Redskin now Ram John Sullivan- photo by Mark J.

Rebilas USA Today Sports

Sullivan was drafted by the Vikings in 2009.  He played for them until 2014.  He spent 2015 out of football because of a back injury. He signed with Washington in 2016 after being released by the Vikings. This information comes from the Associated Press.

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Carlos Thompson

Former Texan  LB/DE Carlos Thompson   Photo


Thompsom played for one season for the Texans in 2015.  He signed with the team as a undrafted free agent and played in two games and made two tackles. He was released in August of 2016.

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A Brief History of The Rams New head Coach

On Thursday, the Rams hired the youngest head coach in the league at 30 years of age. This will be a perfect match for their youngest quarterback and team in the league. But, do not let his young age fool you because he has a pedigree, and Jon Gruden approval.

McVay’s grandfather is John McVay who had a role in five super bowls for the San Francisco Forty-Niners.

The younger McVay also has his own impressive accomplishments as well.  In high school, he played quarterback and defensive back for Marist school where he was the first player to gain 1,000 passing and rushing in consecutive seasons.  During his high school years, he rushed for 2,600 yards and 40 touchdowns and passed for 2,500 yards and 18 touchdowns.  He led the school to 26-3 record with a 14-1 state record in his senior year.  He was named Georgia 4A Offensive Player of the Year for his senior year efforts.

He went to play wide receiver for the the University of Miami(Ohio) where he earned Miami’s Scholar-Athlete Award in 2007. While playing for Miami he caught 39 passes for 312 yards.

After his graduation from the University of Miami(Ohio), he accepts his first coaching assignment with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2008.  Jon Gruden, then Buccaneers’ head coach, made his assistant wide receivers coach.  After Gruden’s firing in 2009, McVay became wide receivers/quality control coach for the the Florida Tuskers of the now defunct United Football League(UFL).

In 2010, McVay would return to the NFL, but this time the Washington Redskins.  He would be their assist tight ends coach until 1011 when they promoted him to tights ends coach.

A Gruden would re-enter his life in 2014 when Jon’s son Jay became the Redskins’ head coach.  The younger promoted him to offensive coordinator 2014 where he would remain until becoming the LA Rams new head coach.

In his first year, he turned their number 25th ranked offense to the tenth ranked total offense and would further improve the offense by moving it from the 12th ranked passing offense with a 268.4 average passing yards to number three ranked passing offense with 309.3 yards per pass.

(The above information comes from Wikipedia.)


Should The Rams’ Fans Start Panicking After Yesterday’s Loss To Washington?

As the game clock tick its final moments away while Kousins and Washington celebrated their victory over the Rams, those knee jerk reactions took over my emotions. Even though this was one loss, I felt something drastic had to be done to save the season, but which knee jerk reaction would turn this Rams team away from another season of self destruction?

My first knee jerk reaction was to pull QB Nick Foles from the starting position.  It did not matter that he had completed half of the passes that he had thrown or that he had thrown a TD, yet I wanted him replaced with Keenan.

The kicker here is that all I know about Keenan is that he had a good preseason against second team players.  I never saw him play against starting players, so how do I know how well he would play?  For all I know, he’d probably throw not one interception, but two.  All that did not stop me from wanting Fisher to do the unrealistic and put Keenan in the game just do something.

Just do to something.  Do you know how that sounds or better yet, vague?  But, it did not stop me from wanting Foles replaced with Keenan, and it did end there.  I wanted Frank Cignetti and Gregg Williams fired for I thought was terrible play calling. Like I would know what terrible play calling even looks like, yet just to do something, I wanted both fired.

Though, I must confess that I have my doubts about Williams’ defensive coaching abilities. I just can’t wash, “Bountygate” and his suspension for it from my mind, but that is for another post.

You ever notice how after good night sleep, all your problems or thought were problems disappear or look different?  This is when your are glad that you did not embarrass yourself on social media by posting your knee jerk reactions.   Well for me this is one of those times that I am glad to have kept my knee jerk reactions to myself.

So to answer the question, should we panic? My answer would be no for now. and for two reasons. This first answer would be the young offensive line which did not help Cignetti do what he wanted to do by not blocking, plain and simple.  For the second reason, what would you expect would happen when you have the Rams’ 23rd ranked running defense going up against Washington’s run heavy offense? It would collapse and for Williams, I will not let him off that easy.  Its his job to make sure it does not collapse.