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The Dodgers Should Go to a Six Man Rotation

Should the Dodgers go to a six man rotation?  Yes.   As noted by Daniel Preciado, Dodger  Nation, they have the depth to pull this is off.  Plus, a six man rotation would help cut down on injuries and give their pitchers the rest that they require buy not having them constantly on the mound.

You can see how Preciado shows ho the six man rotation will effect each player by clicking here.

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Dave Roberts Speaks His Mind On The 3-Batter Rule For Pitchers That Will Take Effect In 2020

“It’ll be a challenge for pitchers to get right-handed and left-handed batters out,” Roberts said of the three-batter rule that figures to impact situational relievers. Whatever the rules, obviously there’s some consensus, so we’ll abide and support. As they evolve, we evolve.”

Dave Roberts gave us his take on the league’s  new 3-Batter rule that will take place in 2020.

The league adopted this new rule during their winter meetings.  The does not allow the manager change pitchers unless they have faced three batters or the end of the inning.

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Justin Turner & Ross Stripling Can’t Put the Dodgers PASS The Rangers

Justin  Turner went 3-3 last night with a fifth double while Ross Stripling went 4.2 scoreless innings, yet their performances went for naught last night against the Ranges.  The Rangers would go on to beat the Dodgers 3-1. This loss leaves the Dodgers with a 12-10 record putting them in a fourthc place tie with Cleveland.

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Julio Urias Will Pitch On 70-100 Innings During 2019 Season

“The people I’ve spoken to, and it seems realistic to believe, that after barely pitching 10 innings big-league innings last year between the regular season and World Series, he’s not going to have a major spike in innings this year. From what I’ve been told, the Dodgers and him are on the same page, and they’re targeting somewhere between 70 and 100 innings. The one thing that the Dodgers did with Walker Buehler last year, and the same thing moving (foward) with Julio is, they’re not going to box themselves into a distinct number.(David Vassegh said this on the “Petros and Money show.)

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