Quick Thoughts For Wednesday 10/21/15

Don Mattingly

Should Don Mattingly be fired?  Or more to the point, as the LA Times’ headline put it this morning, make a decision. It has been almost week since the Dodgers finished their season at the hands of the NY Mets, and Mattingly remains in limbo.

The Dodgers owe it to him by making a decision one way or the other.  Yet he is not the only one who the Dodgers have left hanging.

Zack Greinke’s future remains unclear with the Dodgers.  There have been rumors that he would opt out of his contract with the team, but nothing definate.  The sad thing about the Greinke situation is that the Dodgers’ front office knew about it back in the summer and did not address it then.

I think the clear choice to be axed is the front office for their mishandling of Mattingly, Greinke, and getting nothing in return for all the money they spent.

Yet while I could blame the Dodgers for mismanagement, I would have to blame Rutgers for misplaced priorities in their handling of their football head coach Kyle Flood’s attempt to get players grade fixed.

I would have moved on from it except for the firing of USC’s head coach Steve Sarkisian last week. What got my attention and raised the red flags was how the colleges handled it differently.

Pat Haden fired Sarkisian because he violated a agreement not to have alcohol the locker room. While he violated this trust and was fired.

While, Rutgers suspended Flood three games for harassing a teacher to change a players’ grade.  There were calls for him to fired. Here is where the red flags go up.  The feeling by some that Flood should not be fired because that would set the program back.  In other words, winning is important regardless.

So if winning means everything then what about USC?  Don’t you think that USC is not going to have set back also?  So why should Rutgers get a pass here?  They should have done the right thing and fired Flood, but chose not to because they put their priority in winning and money.  I have link that will follow that goes into more about Rutgers sports program.

USC did the right thing by not covering up Sarkisian’s problem, and hopefully he gets the help he needs.  What they did shows more class than the dysfunctional Rutgers.  It also helps them with recruiting.  What Rutgers did will hurt them in that area too.  I better stop here.

One last question, if Flood is such a great coach then why is not mentioned as a possible replacement for Sarkisian?

Hit here for Rutgers sports program.

I will leave with this.

 On Monday, Gov. Chris Christie criticized the media for reporting arrests of student-athletes and added, “You guys gotta find something else to do.”


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