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Nineteen Year Old Julio Urias to Open Up The Dodgers Brewers Three Game Series

Tonight will be one full month for Julio Urias as a starter for the Dodgers as he opens up the Dodgers-Brewers series.  While he has yet to past 5 1/2 innings he has racked up 32 strikeouts in 24 1/3 innings.  According to Eric Stephen of True Blue LA, this is the most strikeouts for a Dodgers’ rookie since 2013 when Hyun-jin Ryu had 46 in six starts of his first month. But, Ryu was not technically a rookie at the time because he had seven years  experience in South Korea.

Stephen writes the last real Dodgers’ rookie that had the most in his first month was Hong-Chih Kuo who had 42 strikeouts in 32 1/3 innings 2006.

Urias is tied with Ralph Branca for the most strikeouts by a teenager.  Branca had 29 in August 1945 and then topped it with 32 in September according to Stephen.

You can read more of Eric Stephens article about Julio Urias and the upcoming Dodgers-Brewers series by going to this link.


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