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Jeff Fisher Apologizes to Lion’s Head Coach Jim Caldwell After His Team Goes Rogue

The Rams would have you believe that the players went rogue at the end of the Rams-Lions’ game when they rushed the Lions’ kneel down.  That’s what Jeff Fisher wants you to believe after apologizing the Lions’ coach Jim Caldwell.  His excuse, the frustration of his defensive line with the Lions’ offensive line.  I would like to give him the benefit of doubt, but I can’t because of their over-aggressive behavior’s history under their defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

I will admit to you that Williams’ lack of regard for the health of opposing teams’ player does not deserve my respect.  As much as I disdain him, I promise I will re-litigate past in this post.  I will leave with this truth to ponder upon.  There are three teams that have label this team dirty because of Williams’ over-aggressiveness, so don’t get upset when they get their revenge on us.  So, coach Fisher, you can deny the sideline was directly involved but it was most certainly indirectly involved of Gregg Williams just being in the building and presence on the team.

You can read about Fisher’s apology by clicking here.



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