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2017 LA Rams’ Salary Cap

Now that we put this horrendous season behind us, we can now look forward to a new season under new head coach and his new staff with hopes for a much better outcome.  For them to give us this much brighter outcome they will have a $44,116,822 salary cap with which to work. The salary cap was provided by (provided by spotrac)

I hope they spend it wisely.

Click here to go to spotrac.   Spotrac not only gives the salary, it breaks down players’ salaries, bonus and dead money owed to them.  It also breaks down the dead money owed to former players.  You can also check out the Rams free agents, top salaries, positional spending, and top contracts.

I also found another site that you can g0 to that not only gives you the team’s salary breakdown, but you can calculate a new cap by cutting players from the team and add a free agent.  This site is Over The Cap and you can go to it by clicking here.


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