I Hate To Be Debbie Downer, But Sports Could Be Out for The Rest of The Year

This Corona Virus could very well put a halt to sports this year. Because we do not have this virus under control on the national level, so how could we hope that it will not put some sport’s season on hold?

The virus is on the rise in Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California. Disney in Florida is where the NBA plans to complete the 2019/20 season. Good Luck. While the Northeast looks like they have it under control what’s to say the virus is brought into this area when a team from one the above mentions states comes into this area? Wide spread in those areas now.

While leagues’ intentions have been to play fanless games, that may hold in enclosed venues, What to say that game played in open air venus, don’t temp owners play games with masked, socially distanced fans. This could lead to a disaster because you know some fans, eventhough given the oppertunity to veiw a game live with restrictions, would fight these restrictions or just plain ignore them. We are seeing it played out now, accross American. People refusing to wear masks in stores because it violates their so called right to get everbody else sick.

What about the players and staff membes? How confident, that they won’t get infected with the virus and spread it among everybody else? These infected players and staff members would be added to the rising number infected people accross our nation. I am talking about one team, but those numbers would rise with more infected teams. I have not mention the rise in deathes resulting from these new virus related enfections.

Finally what about the moral issues of playing sports while a uncontrol virus is enfecting and killing people? Some people sports would be a distraction while true. It does not change the fact that people are suffering.

If we want to have a successful season, at this point it does not seem possble, we need a mature leader who could put out mature, science backed national policies which we are lacking at the moment. We as a people need to develop into a mature people who will follow science based policies, like wear mask. Until both catagories are met forget sports.


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