Brandon Staley focused on Aaron Rodgers, not head coaching jobs – Sports Illustrated LA Rams News, Analysis and More

After the loss and poor play by the defense, I began to believe that had his mind on other this besides the game. On Sunday morning, I read that he had three interviews in two days. Were these scheduled before the game? He had two to three teams call him after which is possible, but then again we don’t know.

How much talk about Stanly deserving a head coaching job come into play with his mind? I can’t answering that except for what happened on Saturday.

Now, that I got that off chest, here is the real reason for this rant. While I am tired of the Rams losing coaches to other teams, I know you can’t stop someone from bettering themselves. The league has to push back coaching searches to after the Super Bowl. While it feel ago to coaches after their last game for the season, I feel teams some how violate the rules approaching coaches whose team is still playing. This has to stop as well as rumors about possible coaching selections.

Again, whether Stanley had his mind on the game, I can’t tell you, but the defensive play on Saturday does.



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