NFL Fans Want Coach Fired After Loss

My question is, would they want him fired if we won the game?

After the Chargers’ loss to the Jaguars last night, people are screaming for head coach Brandon Stanley to be fired.

Before I continue, I am no fan of Stanley because of how he screwed over the Rams to get the Chargers’ job. But, I ask this question to be fair and also because Sean Payton is available. It is rumored that he wants an LA team. Thus, firing Stanley would make the Chargers, an LA team available.

I know is dumb ass decision may have caused him the loss, and maybe he deserves. But, the question still remains what if he? Would Sean Payton still look desirable?

NFL Fans Want 1 Coach Fired Over Controversial Decision https://www.newsbreakapp.com/n/0kE9CeU5?s=a99&pd=06EPI7i3


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