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C.J. Anderson Hasn’t Received any offers from any other NFL teams

I came across this Cameron DeSilva article last Thursday, but unfortunately, I never had a chance to post it.

I feel somewhat bad for the guy.  I understand that football is a business, but what the hey.   After all, he did help the Rams get to the Super Bowl.   In his five starts in place of Todd Curley, he had three 100 yard games.

It is bad enough that the Rams have ignored him so far, but there has to be another team in need a running back even for a backup.  Yet, as of Thursday no calls.

The Rams should have considered Anderson because the uncertainty Gurley’s availability.  His arthritic knee may keep him on the bench more than on the field.  This could put bulk of the rushing on Malcom Brown.  If they were to sign Anderson, this would help take pressure off a Brown should Gurley not available.

Click here o read the complete article




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