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C.J. Anderson Hasn’t Received any offers from any other NFL teams

I came across this Cameron DeSilva article last Thursday, but unfortunately, I never had a chance to post it.

I feel somewhat bad for the guy.  I understand that football is a business, but what the hey.   After all, he did help the Rams get to the Super Bowl.   In his five starts in place of Todd Curley, he had three 100 yard games.

It is bad enough that the Rams have ignored him so far, but there has to be another team in need a running back even for a backup.  Yet, as of Thursday no calls.

The Rams should have considered Anderson because the uncertainty Gurley’s availability.  His arthritic knee may keep him on the bench more than on the field.  This could put bulk of the rushing on Malcom Brown.  If they were to sign Anderson, this would help take pressure off a Brown should Gurley not available.

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C.J. Anderson Said That Todd Gurley’s injury was worse than we thought



247SPORTS’ Jordan Dajani asked two valid questions. “Will just a simple offseason help Gurley heal?” or “Does he need surgery?  He also asked a very important question about the possibility that this injury could effect Gurley’s future in the NFL.

This third question should be on he minds of every Rams fan, as well as those who have been pushing a Gurley trade. I might as well add in the other two questions when anyone even suggest a Gurley trade.

I am tired of such talk of trade because sounds like Gurley got us this point but I don’t he will get us any further.  Since we used him up and he no longer of any use to us lets try to see what we can get for him like he some used up garbage.  No he is a human being that who carried are offense through good times and  bad. He carried our rushing offense for most of the 2018 season.

Out of respect for Todd Gurley let him make his decision about his future.

The three question written above come from article written Jordan Dajani. He about CJ Anderson’s interview with Skip Bayless.  During the course of the interview, Anderson talks about Gurley’s sprained knee and how it effected his play late in the season.

You can read his complete article by clicking here.